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Buy one Sassy coupon for $2,080 that can be used to redeem an 11 day  detox package from Downtown Detox worth $2,600.

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If you’ve over indulged over the holidays and need a quick fix before your beach break over Chinese New Year – Downtown Detox is definitely the solution for your woes!

It’s a Sassy tried and tested detox (read all about our review here) and we can guarantee that it works! The best part is that you are still eating meals and not just surviving on liquids. So although it’s longer than most detoxes (the idea of an 11 day detox is quite daunting!) you still get to enjoy delicious chocolate or vanilla milkshakes and we promise you won’t be hungry.

Every Downtown Detox begins with a consultation from Deborah Naples, who will explain how you can adapt the programme into your routine without having to miss out on any social activities. It starts with a 2 day pre-cleanse followed by 2 days of intense cleansing, then another 5 days of pre-cleansing before the final 2 days of intense cleansing. On pre-cleanse days you can enjoy a 600-calorie meal and two shakes, and during the intense cleanse you have to stick to the Cleanse drink and supplements.

The results after 11 days are very impressive. You will look younger, be slimmer, have more energy and feel totally detoxed. Definitely don’t miss out on this one-time 20% off offer! 

website: www.downtowndetoxasia.com
tel: 9320 0232
email: deborahnaples@netvigator.com

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Buy one Sassy coupon for $2,080 that can be used to redeem an 11 day detox package from Downtown Detox worth $2,600.


It’s a guaranteed weight loss programme, perfect for the post holiday blubber!


Email deborahnaples@netvigator.com with your coupon code, address, detox start date and preferred shake flavour: chocolate or vanilla.


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