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Buy one Sassy coupon for $980 that can be used to redeem a nutritional consultation and a choice of two sessions of either Cavitation or Meso therapy or a personal fitness session worth a total of $1,960.

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Muffin tops, bingo wings and saddlebags… sound familiar? We all have annoying body baggage that we’d love to get rid of, and we’re never happy with what we have. It’s tough to target specific problem areas and there’s only so much dieting and tummy toning we can do too.

We’re well aware at Sassy HQ that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are the two fundamental factors for a hot bod… but stubborn areas need special attention.

Glow with Ceri Silk have come up with a fantastic solution to our body woes. For just $980 they are offering Sassy readers the perfect package. A 30-minute nutritional consultation combined with a choice of two sessions of either a 60-minute personal fitness class with Jill Marshall or a 60 minute Meso therapy or 60 minuteCavitation session. We love hearing about new treatments so were excited to learn more about these two fat busting breakthrough procedures.

We’ve all heard of lunchtime lip… but what exactly is it? Cavitation is a localized slimming treatment used by the best in the business. It’s non-invasive liposuction, that basically uses ultrasonic waves to blast fat and is perfect for targeting lumps and bumps without going under the knife!

Meso therapy on the other hand is a dual function slimming and firming treatment that corrects and tones by infusing nutritional and fat burning ingredients directly to were they need to be. It can be used on the face and body to make stretch marks, excess fat, loose skin and hyperpigmentation a thing of the past.

If fat blasting is not your forte and you’re blessed with perfect skin, then pair your consultation with a 60-minute personalized fitness session with Jill Marshall. She will customize the class so you can learn the principles of Yoga, TRX and Pilates based on your flexibility and body type. You are guaranteed to go home with some new skills and insider tips… double bonus!

This offer is 50% off the usual price and truly can’t be beaten and it’s just in time for Chinese New Year too. We’re sure you’ll look fab in your celebratory red dress anyways… but just in case you could use some extra ‘je ne sais quoi’, Glow with Ceri Silk has the answer.

Glow with Ceri Silk:
website: www.cerisilk.com
address: 9/F Parker House, 72 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
tel: +(852) 2525 5198

Jill Marshal Pilates:
website: www.jillmarshallpilates.com
tel: +(852) 9708 0187
email: jill@marshallpilates.com

Got Questions?
Questions for GLOW with CERI SILK:info@cerisilk.com
Questions for Jill Marshall Pilates: jill@marshallpilates.com
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Buy one Sassy coupon for $980 that can be used to redeem a nutritional consultation and a choice of two sessions of either Cavitation or Meso therapy or a personal fitness session worth a total of $1,960.


The whole programme is customized to your needs, so you can target problem areas and choose what treatment works best for you.


Call +(852) 2525 5198 to book your session at Glow with Ceri Silk, quoting your Sassy coupon code at time of booking.


The Fine Print

a) The coupon must be used to redeem one 30 minute nutritional consultation and a choice of two treatments from Cavitation, Meso therapy or a personal fitness session with Jill Marshall worth HK$1,960

b) Please make your booking in advance as bookings are made on a first come first served basis.

c) The treatments can be taken on different days

d) The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts

e) The coupon is to be valid for six months only

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